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We all have our own reasons for beginning family research, maybe a close relative died before you had time to enquire about their knowledge of your family history, which is what prompted me into action.

Maybe youíre a bit of a history fan. Or perhaps you woke up one morning simply wanting to know about your origins. Whether you descend from another culture or cultures, or if not, where in the country did your family originate from? Who were your ancestors? What kind of people were they? Were they hard working or lazy? What were their occupations? How did they live? How did they die? Is there a history of medical problems? Where they poor, rich, famous or infamous? What ancestors lived under the rule of Elizabeth 1st or Bloody Mary?

There are many questions that can be answered by taking up family research and you donít need to be extremely clever or have a degree in history, you just need curiosity and the desire to solve puzzles.

Family History Research is the most exhilarating, frustrating and emotional journey you will ever take. It can also be a lonely existence, which is why I wrote my books.

Meet Your Ancestors was published in 2003. The second edition was released in April 2007 and is now called Tracing Your Roots. This book charts a four-year diary of a complete beginner using the more traditional methods of research. This book is a companion that you will relate to and shares the highs and lows offering tips and advice along the way. 

My second book @Home With Your Ancestors.com released in February 2007 will show the would be family historian how to research at least five generations of their family history using only the Internet. Basically, you can now achieve on the Internet what you could once only achieve via Records Centres etc. You do not need to be a computer wizard to follow this easy to read guide - all you need is a inquiring mind and access to the Internet.